You’re more than welcome David, that night i reached out you gave me long distance healing I drifted off in peace no fear at all, I felt a calming when I woke hours later, I felt different stronger, I had been suffering for a while.. i don’t know to this day what happened to me I just woke up one morning 4am boxing day out of the blue having a severe panic attack, then every day after 10 – 15 attacks per day, for a month then they gradually faded to every few days to twice a week to once a week to none.. I was frightened so scared.. i fought each day for my reason why.. i wasnt depressed.. everything was going good In my life.. life was good I was so happy i really was.. i still cannot figure to this day why it happened I’m not going to try either I’m thankful that I am through this phase I wouldn’t wish it upon my worst enemies even though I don’t have any.. I truly know you helped me that night.. thank you David ❤❤❤

Victoria A.

David was wonderful and said what I needed at the time

Sandy S.

David is a kind and caring individual with a gift for helping people understand themselves better. I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

Margo B.

Brilliant man! He has a gift that needs to be shared with the world.

Jessica H.

David has been and still is a great source of information on my awakening and transformation journey.

Debbie L.

Great guy all round. His responses for readings were incredibly quick and he is incredibly intuitive. Resonated highly each time with what he said. All in all 10 out of 10.

Eileen T.

I am writing this review because when we seek spiritual guidance we are looking for what one might call the “real deal or the real thing” Trust me when I say , David is the real thing. He has such a care factor to help. He has precision in his ability to see into your world when invited and help you uncover things . His abilities lend themselves like a compass for you to find the right direction. I myself will be coming back to David! We can not always see what we are looking for because we are sometimes too close to it or uncertain of ourselves. David can shine a light on things for us ! I just want to say “ thank you David for caring and being there.

Julie M.

I’m following David on Facebook for quite a while know. It’s Amazing how his positive energy entires my soul! His advice and readings are; outstanding and touching to the soul. I’m grateful for a blessing in my life, like David 🙏🙏❣️

Liezel V.

I feel that since day one I felt a strong connection in his work. Everything I got from him resonated with me. I truly love his work. I know that I will always go to David for guidance, because he is real.

Brandy T.

David gave me a reading and he has also coached me on intuition both have been very helpful. He simplifies things and makes them easy to understand plus has a very comforting voice. I highly recommend him to anyone starting their journey on how to connect with their intuition or just needing some direction from higher self.

Karen D.