Reiki and Energy Healing

What is Reiki and Energy Healing?

Energy healing works on the body’s energy systems to release blocked energy or repair distortions in chakras, meridians, and the aura. Reiki and energy healing is a method to channel Universal Life Force energy to restore your centered, peaceful, and connected wholeness. Energy work is a door to the transformation process. It bypasses the ego and provides you direct access to your highest self – your divine self. What you resist, persists. What we resist are often emotions stored in our energy field… below our conscious knowing. Question and Answers about Reiki

How Does Energy Healing Work?

Quantum physics shows that matter is simply a certain vibratory rate of energy. You are matter. You are vibrating energy. We know this intuitively. Have you ever met someone and said, “s/he has a great Reiki Harrisburg PAvibe?” Chances are, you picked up on their healthy, vibrant energy.

You are a complex energy network with a multi-layer energy system moving prana or chi – the life force – through your body. You have seven major chakras (energy centers). The energy flowing in and out of these chakras moves through your body through a series of meridians(energetic pathways). There are twelve major meridians that correlate to the organs (e.g., lungs, stomach, heart, etc.) and systems (e.g., immune, circulatory, lymphatic, etc.) in the body. With all this energy flowing through and around you, it is no surprise you’re like a giant electromagnet. In fact, it has become widely accepted and proven (check out Kirlian photography) that the human body has an electromagnetic field – or biofield – that extends several feet out. This field is known as the “aura.”

So if we’re made up of energy, doesn’t it make sense that healing our energy can heal our “matter?”

What to Expect Before, During, and After a Session

Many people are nervous before a first session… it’s okay! Here is a little information to help you know what to expect. Sessions are 60 minutes (plan for an extra 15 minutes for a first visit). Please dress comfortably as you will remain clothed, only shoes come off. Please minimize the use of perfumes. You’ll be on a massage table with your eyes open or closed – whatever you prefer. It’ll be a relaxing, safe environment, I promise!

We’ll begin a session by discussing your intentions and needs. I’ll then share with you details about what to expect during the session. I’ll then go to work using a variety of tools and techniques based on what your spirit, mind, and body need. This includes Reiki, crystals, Shamanic healing, sage, and contacting spirit guides. You’re welcome to talk to me during a session, or embrace the relaxation and just “be,” or even fall asleep. At the end of the session, I’ll debrief you on what I found and we’ll talk about what to expect after the session while the energy integrates.

My role is to help you release the energetic patterns that no longer serve you and your Highest Self. During a session, I’ll use a light Reiki touch on different parts of the body to channel prana (chi) – life force energy. Many people feel heat or tingling. Some people see lights in their mind’s eye or recall past memories. As we move blocked or repair distorted energy to restore a harmonious flow, we often unravel and release emotional and psychological patterns. It is common for clients to have spiritual, emotional, psychological, and physical releases in the course of a session as this energy moves. I always say e-motions are intended to be in motion! They are designed to move and to not remain stuck. Some people have an emotional release and cry or experience a catharsis. I’ve seen it all… this is your sacred space to heal and grow spiritually and emotionally.

I encourage you to read the information below to better understand why and how Reiki and Energy Healing work.

Reiki Treatment

Reiki Session…$45
A one hour session of Usui Reiki

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Reiki and Energy Healing
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