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The tarot cards reflect one’s position back to them, past, present, and the path that he or she is on (the future). If questioners don’t like what the future holds, then they can simply change their path. Readings can be oriented to subjects such as Career, Love, Money, Health, Family, or just a basic. There are several card layouts that I do for certain situations

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How does this work?

I do all my reading over Skype or Zoom. I use paypal for payment. Then we set a date and time for a reading,

Readings I Provide

Situation, Problem & Solution

This Spread will gain insight into a troubling situation and a possible solution.

Card 1 – Situation
Card 2 – Problem
Card 3 – Solution

15 minute reading – $25

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Past, Present & Future

This Spread analyzes a single situation over time. The first cart is a snapshot of the situation over the past. The second card shows what is happening now. The third card is the most probable future of the situation. This spread is applicable to a wide variety of situations and relationships, and is one of the most useful of all the card layouts

Card 1 – Past
Card 2 – Present
Card 3 – Future

15 minute reading – $25

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Is Love in the Stars?

If you are been a relationship and wonder if they’re he’s a happily ever after in store this bread will give you a sneak peek

Card 1 – Your Hope
Card 2 – Beloved’s Hope
Card 3 – Strength
Card 4 – Your Fear
Card 5 – Beloved’s Fear
Card 6 – Weakness
Card 7 – Outcome

30 minute reading – $45

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Celtic Cross Spread

The Celtic cross spread is a very traditional and well known spread it provides lots of information about any situation.

Card 1 – Where are you right now
Card 2 – Potential/Challenges
Card 3 – What to focus on
Card 4 – Your Past
Card 5 – Your Strengths
Card 6 – Near Future
Card 7 – Suggested approach
Card 7 – What you need to know
Card 7 – Hopes and tears
Card 7 – Your potential future

45 minute reading – $55

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The Chakra Spread

Where our minds and bodies meet in our etheric bodies of light, there seven whirling energy vortices found along the spinal meridian These wheels of light are called chakras in Hindu and tantric traditional thought. This tarot spread offers a way to analyze the health of each chakra — each energy center

Card 1 – Root
Card 2 – Sacral
Card 3 – Solar Plexus
Card 4 – Heart
Card 5 – Throat
Card 6 – Third Eye
Card 7 – Crown

30 minute reading – $45

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